Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Thailand Betong Trip-Spa 温泉

thailand betong trip-spa

As you see from the picture,this is the Spa in Betong,Thailand!!! It’s very warm and you can put your legs in it,but not the whole body please…. ><

Well,the weather was so hot that time,so….we didn’t even have mood to put our legs in that WARM water.Plus,we were wearing sport shorts and it’s not very convenient.

thailand betong spa trip2thailand betong spa trip3thailand betong spa trip4DSC_0506

There's a playground there but too bad,it’s not for my age….T.T

thailand betong spa trip6

In this hot weather,I didn’t hope to wash my legs,but let’s have a cup of ICE-CREAM!! This was hand making coconut ice-cream and it really tasted good~~

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