Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Thailand Betong Trip-W.F Garden 万花园

thailand betong

Well,it’s a family church camp that heal in Thailand Betong. First place that we went was W.F garden.It’s a place that FULL OF FLOWERS.In this trip,My mum went too!! I can tell she LOVES this place because she kept saying about it when we came back.





thailand betong5thailand betong6

thailand betong 11thailand betong12

Waoooooo!! it was hot!!! luckily someone brought the umbrella,if not,I was going to sunburn!!

thailand betong2IMG_0914

thailand betong0thailand betong56

Look,my mum was so happy to go there…uhhh..i mean that woman with the pretty pink hat.The red shirt is my aunt.

thailand betong88thailand betong89thailand betong98thailand betong 45

thailand betong 1thailand betong 9thailand betong7thailand betong8thailand betong13


Hope you enjoy reading!!!!! Betong is a nice place to go~~~~

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